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Hydrochemical indicators of eutrophication

Sep 2005-Sep 2010

Aquatic chemistry can reveal important changes in the trophic status of freshwater ecosystems. In this project, supervised by an incredible hydrologist Prof. Bernikova T., I identified key chemical components which indicated deteriorating water quality and risks of eutrophication in the large oligotrophic Lake Vištytis/Озеро Виштынецкое (Russain part). 


  • Fieldwork in Russia and the UK (part of the team) 

  • Field laboratories.

  • Aquatic chemistry analysis. Mass spectrometry and spectrophotometry.

  • Simulation of temperature, oxygen, phytoplankton and nutrients vertical profiles in lakes

  • Modelling of river flow dynamics

  • GIS Software: ArcGIS 

  • Teaching and demonstrating to undergraduate students. I confidently work with relatively large groups (up to 120 students).

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